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JURY SECURITY INC. is a registered UNIFORM GUARDING PROTECTION SERVICE PROVIDED COMPANY that delivers services by a team of highly skilled & qualified officers and crew of our partners. Jury Security has a range of sophisticated processes and systems designed to ensure that we undertake our services at a consistently high standard and in accordance with accepted best practices for the industry. The framework information below provides some on the assurance of our credentials and ability to ensure consistent quality service to our partners.

The organization which has each of its associate closely connected with its aviation security expectations need no management. The team itself is motivated and committed to outstanding customer experience. Management at Jury Security is committed to building a team that has the highest level of commitment towards the satisfaction of its operations and has great ownership of public safety and quality of work.

Servant leadership is the philosophy adopted and adhered too. We exist to support our team in helping them to do their job better. Our organization is an inverted pyramid. Higher in the position you are, higher are the expectations towards serving your teams. Whether you need immediate protection or are planning for a future event, we can provide a thorough assessment of the situation and customize protection services that best fit your needs. Our protection services employ highly skilled assets that provide clients with anything from professional security drivers, to one-time personal protection for executives and assets, to fully-dedicated security personnel in-house.

The process of operation is carried out with close coordination and a high degree of transparent communication. The customer coordinator and operations coordinator closely work towards flawless execution for the satisfaction of our common and highly valued guests. Operation progress update and completion marks the success of the operation. Jury Security Services understands that our candidates are seeking a rewarding career that not only challenges and motivates you but offers financial reward and personal stability.

Our goal is to serve aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals by assisting the operators on matter pertaining to all landing and overflying permissions & ground handling services, securing hotel reservations on pre-negotiated tariffs, providing flight plan submission through local traffic control.

We provide more comprehensive executive protection security options than typical close protection services. We maximize our security offerings for those under our protection.

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